Autumn Harvest Cornucopia Crewel Embroidery Bell Pull Kit

Autumn Harvest Cornucopia Crewel Embroidery Bell Pull Kit


Manufacturer :  Artcraft Concepts

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Richly colored ripe fruits and vegetables are in abundance in this long out of production design for the crewel embroidery enthusiast. Scrolling vines tie several Horns of Plenty together in this Fall Harvest time treasure by the artisans of ArtCraft Concepts. This gorgeous design is truly crewel on a grand scale lavishly worked in satin stitches, French knots, herringbone  and stem stitches.Finish as a bell-pull, or frame as a wall panel. The results will make a wonderful heirloom piece you’ll enjoy displaying every Autumn for years to come! Part of an estate dispersment of a special client, this is a must have for the Thanksgiving decorations!
*Note* The Photos provided with this kit are quite small; be sure to use the Images tab above this description for a closer peek at the design!
Size 9" x 36"
Kit contains: Design printed on fabric, wools, illustrated instructions. Proudly made in the USA
Artist: Artcraft Concepts Artisans
Manufacturer:ArtCraft Concepts
Year/Condition: 1977/1978   Vintage New