Rare Autumn Festival Folk Art Adele Veres Crewel Embroidery

Rare Autumn Festival Folk Art Adele Veres Crewel Embroidery


Manufacturer :  Paragon

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Adele Veres’ artwork for the stitchery artist remains vital and timeless- her folk art imagery is enjoyed as much as any Wysocki or Wooster Scott works- this rare vintage circa 1981 and still new in barely shopworn packaging kit is pristine and ready to stitch- you’ll love stitching life into every small scene of this charming autumn village design, folks gathering at the colorful display of pumpkins and harvest vegetables to a maid milking a cow, to birds on the wing andthe golden leaves of trees in the fall! This striking and beautiful Pumpkin Festival is hard to find, and even harder to keep in stock!A must have for the Veres art collector!

Size: 16" x 20"

Kit contains: Stamped picture on 100% cotton Homespun , approx 20"x24", Persian type yarn of 100% Orlon acrylic, 100% cotton embroidery floss, 100% nylon tulle, needle, and complete easy to follow instructions with diagram including most popular stitches. Proudly made in the USA

Artist: Adele Veres
Manufacture:Paragon Needlecraft
Year/Condition: 1981 / Vintage New