Rare Williams Jacobean Spring Floral Crewel Embroidery Clock Kit

Rare Williams Jacobean Spring Floral Crewel Embroidery Clock Kit


Manufacturer :  Elsa Williams

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Traditional elegance and classic colors which will complement any decor are the hallmarks of this gorgeous scrolling floral clock design by Elsa Williams. You'll feel a double sense of accomplishment when this piece is finished, having created a working piece of art. The wood frame is easy to assemble. All the pieces are precut and grooved with hardware to fit, and it will be attractive whether you choose to finish with stair or paint.

Airy flowers with a definite light handed Jacobean feel, combined with bold roman numerals, will make this timepiece an heirloom you'll be proud to have passed down from generation to generation.

Long out of production, and hard to find, this exquisite piece was featured in the early 1970's Williams Needle Art Collection. The piece arrived in absolutely Mint, unopened condition in a shopworn box; we opened it to ensure it survived intact. It did, it's Fabulous, and we know you'll love it! Note: The original piece includes only the black and white photo. Very Limited Supplies on this piece!


Size: 14" x 18" x 3"


Kit contains: Electric movement, wood clock frame to finish with paint or stain, hardware, crewel design on linen, wools, all instructions. Proudly made in the USA


Artist: Elsa Williams

Manufacturer: Elsa Williams NeedleArt Collection

Year/Condition: 1976 / Vintage New