M Appleton Pierre Peacock Silk Gauze 40 ct Silk Petit Point Kit

M Appleton Pierre Peacock Silk Gauze 40 ct Silk Petit Point Kit


Manufacturer :  The Hearts Content

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Maureen's own description of this delightful design is sufficient for us! She says of this piece "Pierre Peacock"
One of the most magnificent birds, and certainly one of the most colorful, the Proud Peacock is a real dream of a stitching project in "pierre Peacock." It displays twenty-seven vibrant French silk hues in its compsition. Stitched on 40-count silk , Pierre comes to life with each and every silk hue you stitch into this bird. All stitching is HALF-cross stitches, or TENT stitches, and the holes on the gauze are certainly easier to see than the holes in any linen. It's application is quick and simple, and will be certian to make you proud of this gorgeous peacock.

Complete Kit Includes: Two special #10 sharp needles for silk gauze,Maureen's guidance/graphs to stitching & finishing, 27 French silk flosses, individually numbered and tagged, 40-count silk gauze, pre-mounted for handling, three color photographs,gentle manuscripts, easy to read graph, finishing/ framing suggestions.
Proudly made in the USA 

Artist: Maureen Appleton
Manufacturer: ©The Heart's Content, Inc.
Year/Condition: 2017/ Vintage New

Photo, Description courtesy of  The Heart's Content