Rare Chrimes Duxbury Crewel Embroidery Kit Williams Applique

Rare Chrimes Duxbury Crewel Embroidery Kit Williams Applique


Manufacturer :  Elsa Williams

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What a wonderful treat for our crewel embroidery enthusiasts! Based on Louise Chrimes' gorgeous Duxbury Scroll, this piece from Elsa Williams Needlecraft House is designed to be embroidered onto your favorite knit garment, skirt, dress, cardigan etc. The actual pattern is a piece of pre-printed organdy which you'll attach with basting to your preferred garment, then you'll stitch your crewel work through all layers of fabric. When all the stitching is done, you'll carefully cut away the organdy and follow easy instructions for finishing details. The results will be absolutely lovely! The original estate owner of this exquisite design chose four shades of blue for the piece, so we've photo-shopped the photo to give you a feel for how the various shades look in blue. If you have a different color group in mind, you could easily switch out the wools and use your own quality crewel wools in 4 descending shades.
Size: 6" x 36"
Kit contains: Pattern printed on Organdy sheer cotton fabric, crewel yarn to embroidery border on skirt or jacket, clear directions. Proudly made in the USA
Artist: Elsa Williams, adapted from an original design by Louise A Chrimes
Manufacturer: Elsa Williams Needlecraft House for Vogue Knitting Book Fall/Winter 1964
Year/Condition: 1964/ Vintage New