Rare Christmas Wisemen Magi Blackwork Crewel Embroidery Kit

Rare Christmas Wisemen Magi Blackwork Crewel Embroidery Kit


Manufacturer :  Bucilla

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We are so pleased and proud to present this exceptional Christmas Stitchery find for the embroidery artist. Gift of the Magi is a wonderful crewel embroidery piece which is done in blackwork. Traditionally, Blackwork is a counted-thread embroidery worked in geometric designs with black silk on even-weave linen.

However, black isn’t the only acceptable color for working these patterns (redwork or scarletwork has also been popular through the ages).Even though the over all effect of Blackwork is ornate, most of the stitches are simple, but they are worked in such a way that conveys complexity. This style of embroidery dates back many centuries in various cultures all over the world, but what has come to be known as Blackwork, the scrolling designs that used to adorn clothing, especially sleeves, cuffs and collars reached its peak during the reign of King Henry VIII.

In this incredibly rare vintage and undated kit which is in late 70’s style packaging , Bucilla Artisans have used a contemporary twist to create a magical, beautiful , colorful, exquisite design for the nativity collector.Worked in glittering jewel tones, combined with wool crewel work , beaded jewel elements and metallic threadwork, this depiction of the Wisemen Kings will be a challenge and a rewarding joyful experience to the stitcher, and a treasured piece of holiday traditions for years to come.

Size: 20"x24"

Kit contains: picture outline stamped on 100% cotton fabric, six strand cotton floss, rayon and metallic thread, 100% acrylic and wool crewel wools, jewel stones, needle, and instructions. Enclosed is a brief history of blackwork embroidery. Proudly made in the USA

Artist: Bucilla Artisans

Manufacturer: Bucilla Christmas Needlecraft

Year/Condition: 1977/ Vintage New