Rare Clipper Ship Maritime Crewel Embroidery Kit Mohair Wools

Rare Clipper Ship Maritime Crewel Embroidery Kit Mohair Wools


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 During the 1800's, the goods for trade were carried largely by the clipper ships; long, graceful square rigged and fast. With their cargoes of tea, perfumes, spices, fabric, precious stones and metals, exotic produce, and sometimes humans, they "clipped" the wave tops as they plied the seas from America to Europe, Africa, tropical  lands and the Orient. This interesting, and long out of production design for the crewel embroidery enthusiast is worked on a rustic, "nubbly" sea blue fabric of rayon/silk blend, with flecks of darker blue throughout. A mix of traditional persian wools for crewel, acrylic wools, and mohair wool, flosses and shimmering gold rayon thread make for a beautifully textured design and an enjoyable challenge for any experienced stitcher.

Size:17" x 21"

Kit contains: stamped picture on sturdy decorator fabric (94% rayon, 6% silk),  100% wool , all acrylic and all mohair yarns and threads,needle and instructions. Proudly made in the USA

Manufacturer: Sultana
Condition: Vintage New