Rare E Roosevelt Rose Garland Cushion Repro Needlepoint Kit

Rare E Roosevelt Rose Garland Cushion Repro Needlepoint Kit


Manufacturer :  Its Polite to Point

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As was customary for little girls of her generation, Eleanor Roosevelt learned a number of needlework skills as a child. For the rest of her life, she was seldom without some kind of handwork to pick up whenever possible. Many photographs, for example, show her knitting in the White House, at the United Nations, at conferences and meetings, and in planes. Family and friends were often the recipients of her handmade gifts. This beautiful and delicate rose garland worked on a deep blue background with intricate leave in diamonds design is adapted from a chair cushion which Mrs. Roosevelt worked in needlepoint as a gift for her physician, Dr. A. David Gurewitsch, and his wife Edna, both close friends.


Size: 12" x 12"

Kit contains: a generous supply of lustrous and durable 100% Persian wool yarn and hand printed Zweigart- the highest grade canvas available, needles, Clear, comprehensive instructions & sturdy vinyl zippered tote bag. Proudly made in the USA

Artist: Eleanor Roosevelt,  adapted from gift for Dr. A David Gurewitsch and wife Edna

Manufactuer: It’s Polite to Point
Year/Condition: 1988/Vintage New