Rare Fassett OrientalMasterpiece Crewel Needlepoint Kit Williams

Rare Fassett OrientalMasterpiece Crewel Needlepoint Kit Williams


Manufacturer :  Elsa Williams

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Sometimes the explanation of symbolism on designs in the textile industry are just as beautiful as the artwork itself. Elsa Williams herself told this story of this beautiful design for the cross-over crewel and needlepoint artist which was a collaboration with world renown designer Kaffe Fassett.
"The richly symbolic design uses an unusual combination of textures and techniques to portray the ancient Chinese symbols. The waves on the vase represent the Sea of Good Fortune and the clouds are the Clouds of Happiness. Water, drawn up from the Sea of Good Fortune into the Clouds of Happiness, rains down as the Water of Life. It is preserved in the vase and is protected by the five-clawed Imperial Dragon. While guarding the Water of Life, the dragon, the Benevolent Protector, reaches for the Pearl of Wisdom.
Working from a sketch by Kaffe Fassett, I discovered a striking new needlework effect could be achieved by showing crewel on satin against a canvas background.
Here, the Water of Life Vase is embroidered on Saffron Embroidery Satin.
The finished embroidery is raised with a foam under pad and appliqued to #13 Linen Canvas.
The Canvas Border in needlepoint continues the symbols of water around the design.
When Finished, the Water of Life is an heirloom of extraordinary accomplishment. "
Vase worked on 9" x 17" saffron polished cotton satin
Background worked on 15.5" x 22.5" #13 Linen Canvas
Kit contains:  vase design printed on saffron polished cotton satin, bckground design printed on #13 Linen canvas, 100% wool crewel and tapestry yarns, vase padding, needles, complete directions and stitch instructions. Proudly made in the USA
Artist:  Kaffe Fassett
Manufacturer: Elsa Williams Needlecraft Creations
Year/Condition: 1978/Vintage New