Rare Georgia Ball Spring Forest Wildlife Crewel Embroidery Kit

Rare Georgia Ball Spring Forest Wildlife Crewel Embroidery Kit


Manufacturer :  Paragon

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Two curious little fawns peek around a fallen tree to greet their new forest friends in this long out of production design for the crewel embroidery enthusiast. Innocent young wildlife, protected amongst the thickets in the forest, are captured with real life beauty.  Both fawns have white spots in their light brown coats, and delicate white legs.  One fawn is staring down a brave squirrel who has ventured close, while the other checks out a more timid brown bunny trying to hide among the leaves and flowers along the tree branch.  Behind them, a sparrow is perched on a twig, ready to take flight at the first sign of danger.   This incredibly detailed picture with be the perfect addition to any room. You'll work acrylic wools and nylon tulle appliques on this incredible piece, resulting in an everlasting spring wildlife design you'll enjoy for years to come.

Size: 12” X 24”
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Kit contains:  Stamped picture, Persian yarn, 100% nylon tulle, needle and complete instructions. Proudly
Made in USA

Artist:  ©Georgia Ball
Manufacturer:  Paragon Stitchery, National Paragon Corporation
Year/Condition: 1980/ Vintage New