Rare Grandma Moses Art Repro Crewel Embroidery Kit Big City

Rare Grandma Moses Art Repro Crewel Embroidery Kit Big City


Manufacturer :  Paragon

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Anna Mary Robertson Moses, better known as Grandma Moses, stands alone in the history of American art. Few artists past or present have ever equalled her in popularity. Her world-reknowned paintings have been exhibited all across teh country, reproduced on countless greeting cards and calendars, and featured in numberous books and magazines.

The famous "Grandma Moses style" actually originated from the artist’s own needlework experiences. A home maker long before she became a painter, Moses began by creating embroidered pictures as gifts for friends and family. Born in 1860, she spent most of her life attending to farm chores, and had no time to paint until she was an old woman. When she died in 1961 at the age of 101, Grandma Moses, a personification of the adage "it’s never too late" had been universally acclaimed as a great artist, creator of one of the true, original American folk art styles.

We are so pleased and proud to be able to present this rare find for the crewel embroidery artist" Grandma Goes to the Big City. This piece arrived in overly shopworn packaging which has been replaced.

Grandma Moses declined an invitation to attend her first exhibition, saying there was no need as she’d already seen all the paintings. But then, one day, "There was a request for me to go to the big city, New York, for a Thanksgiving celebration." In the artist’s words, "Grandma had never travelled much-what anticipation and vexation, what commotion and confusion, at last she was on her way"

Size: 20" x 16"

Kit contains: Stamped picture on 100% cotton homespun approx 24" x 20", Persian type yarn of 100% acrylic, 100% cotton embroidery floss, 100% nylon tulle for appliques, needle, and complete easy to follow instructions with diagram including most popular stitches. Proudly made in the USA

Artist: Grandma Moses
Manufacturer: Paragon Needlecraft
Year/Condition:1983/Vintage New