Rare Henning Countryside Blacksmith CrewelEmbroidery Kit Farrier

Rare Henning Countryside Blacksmith CrewelEmbroidery Kit Farrier


Manufacturer :  Paragon

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Carol and Don Henning's gorgeous designs for the crewel embroidery enthusiast are hard to find, and high in demand. In this particular piece, they shared a little to give us a glimpse of what they were thinking when they created this beauty. "This dark, mysterious building could be found everywhere a hundred years ago. From it's depths came the acrid smell of  charcoal fire the roar of the bellows, the clang-clang-clang of the anvil and the sparkling glow of hot iron as the "smithy" hammered out horseshoes, hardware, and hoops. And often a patient horse grazed outside while it's shoes were prepared. Today there are still blacksmith shops, but more than likely with a truck waiting instead of a friendly horse." You'll work this countryside design on a poly/cotton fabric, in Persian Acrylic yarns. Perfect as a gift for the farrier or blacksmith of today!


Size: 16" x 20" (40 x 51 cm)

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Kit contains: stamped picture on superb Homespun (50% polyester and 50% cotton) approx 20" x 24", 100% Orlon acrylic yarn, needle, and complete easy to follow instructions and diagram including most popular stitches. Proudly made in the USA

Artist: Carol and Don Henning
Manufacturer: Paragon
Year/Condition: 1973 / Vintage New