Rare Kmet Kitsch CrewelEmbroidery Kit Southwest Cactus Landscape

Rare Kmet Kitsch CrewelEmbroidery Kit Southwest Cactus Landscape


Manufacturer :  Paragon

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According to the experts of the Saguaro National Park, "the saguaro cactus (Carnegiea Gigantea ) is the state symbol of Arizona, appearing on all car license plates, and provides a universally recognized image of the Southwest. It is the largest and one of the slowest growing of all cacti, reaching up to 15 meters high and living for several centuries. Plants can weigh up to 8 tons, partly because of the large amount of water the stems can hold - after rainfall the cactus can absorb hundreds of gallons in a short time. The saguaro may be only 6 inches high after 10 years, and the characteristic branched appearance is reached only after around 80 years.

The cactus is widespread across southern Arizona, extreme southeast California and Sonora, north Mexico. Distribution is related to latitude and altitude - it is most commonly found between 1,000 & 3,000 feet, and because the saguaro can tolerate temperatures as low as -4 °C, it survives further north than any of the other species of large cactus."

Sandra Kmet’s striking tableau of desert cactus as seen in the Saguaro National Forest is a must have for those who enjoy stitching portraiture of the southwest. Fast moving stitching are quick to finish and beautiful when completed.

Size: 14"x18"
Kit contains: Stamped picture on superb homespun (palest pink sunset in color) 79% rayon/21% cotton approximately 18"x22", 100% wool yarn and Peri-Lusta Filo 100% cotton thread, needles, and complete easy to follow instructions and diagram, including most popular stitches. Proudly made in the USA

Artist: Sandra Kmet based on scene in Saguaro National Forest
Manufacturer: Paragon Needlecraft
year/Condition: 1973/Vintage new