Rare Reinardy Magical Star Longstitch Needlepoint Kit Circus Clown

Rare Reinardy Magical Star Longstitch Needlepoint Kit Circus Clown

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Manufacturer :  Monarch Horizons Designs

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The Big Top lights go down, suddenly, everyone is surrounded by a galaxy of glowing stars in the deep midnight blue shadows..a familiar faithful friend appears, bedazzled and bewitched by the beauty and wonderment~ suddenly, a shower of light streaks across the air, and our Circus clown friend reaches up~ face illuminated by starglow, and behold! A falling star has been caught ! Suddenly, our Clown disappears, and the lights return shining on the ringmaster~ was it real or only Clown Magic? Roger Reinardy's fabulous longstitch design captures the essence of a magical moment~ catch your own bit of that falling star and grab this kit while you can! A coup for circus collectors~ and all those who want to Catch a Falling Star! This rare vintage circa 1983 design is still pristine in original packaging. Keep it for your own collection or give it to someone special as a gift.


Size: 16" x 20"  (41x51 cm)


Kit contains: 100% persian wool yarns to complete project, design printed on 12 mesh 100% cotton canvas, needle, instructions, and stitch by number diagram. Proudly made in the USA


Designer: Roger Reinardy

Manufacturer: Monarch Horizons

Year/Condition: 1983/New