Rare Van Dyck Repro King Charles I Needlepoint Canvas Cavalier

Rare Van Dyck Repro King Charles I Needlepoint Canvas Cavalier


Manufacturer :  Rico Gobelin & Vintage W German

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Flemish Baroque Artist Anthony Van Dyck was an interesting painter in the 1600's who lived more like a prince than an artist. After a successful career in Italy and Flanders, he became the leading court painter of the English Court.  In England he developed a version of his style which combined a relaxed elegance and ease with an understated authority in his subjects which was to dominate English portrait-painting all the way to the end of the 18th century. This vintage canvas for the needlepoint enthusiast is a West German reproduction of his famous painting King Charles I at the Hunt. Shown at first glance as a gentlemen enjoying the outdoors, as one is drawn into the portrait one becomes aware of the natural look of sovereignty, the bowing of the head of the horse in submission to his king, and the subjects in the background who serve their king.
Originally imported to North American in the early 1940's this hand screened canvas is a less stiff than some of their French counterparts. You'll work on 12/24 cotton penelope to work this masterpiece into life
Canvas size: 29.5" x 22"    12 / 24 tan Penelope cotton canvas
Design Size: 25.5" x 17.75"  Color match blocks on side of Canvas
Manufacturer: No Makers Mark, Made in West Germany
Year/Condition: Undated Pre-1940 /Vintage New in Very Good Condition