Rare Williams Fruit On The Vine Crewel Embroidery Kit

Rare Williams Fruit On The Vine Crewel Embroidery Kit

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Manufacturer :  Elsa Williams

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The designers that carry on Elsa Williams’ legacy must meet the absolutely highest standards - designs must have a sense of timelessness, grace and quality- and they always exceed those expectations! This simplistic and exquisite design of Fruits still on the Vine- Luscious Cherries, Perfect Pear, Juicy Grapes, Crisp apple, Plump Plums, Scrumptious Peach and mouth watering Strawberries in a bell pull style fits in a variety of decors- perfect for a spot in the breakfast nook, foyer, staircase and more.The colors are simply elegant, the details and shading nearly perfect. A coup for those who love to collect vintage fruit still lifes.

Size: approx 3.5" x 39"

Kit contains: 3. 5 "x 39" design printed on 7.5 "x 48" linen, genuine crewel embroidery yarn complete directions and stitch instructions.Proudly made in the USA

Artist: Elsa Williams

Manufacturer: Elsa Williams Needlecraft Creations

Condition: Vintage New