Rare Williams Imperial Rose Table Runner Crewel Embroidery Kit

Rare Williams Imperial Rose Table Runner Crewel Embroidery Kit


Manufacturer :  Elsa Williams

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We are so pleased to be able to present this hard to find design for the Oriental enthusiast by America's First lady of Needlework, Elsa Williams. The style from which this design was patterned originated with the Chinese during the end of the 19th century. The paisley shapes used for the flower petals in this long out of production design are characteristic of the period. Worked on a champagne-colored embroidery satin, the colors stand out beautifully. Hard to find, and high on the list of our Asian crewel embroidery collectors, be sure to add it to your stitching rotation soon!
* Note* We also have in stock the complementing pillow design by Michael LeClair, whose colors are in the same range as this piece, but whose manufacturer photo is close to neon bright. Please See Separate Listing for Details.
Size: 22.5 x 8" on 27" x 12" Embroidery Satin
Kit contains: Design printed on champagne colored Embroidery satin, 100% wool crewel embroidery yarn, Proudly made in the USA
Artist: Elsa Willams
Manufacturer: Elsa Williams Needlecraft Creations
Condition: Vintage New

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