Rare Williams Italian Floral Crewel Embroidery Headboard Kit

Rare Williams Italian Floral Crewel Embroidery Headboard Kit


Manufacturer :  Elsa Williams

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For more than a thousand years, crewel embroidery has been a source of beauty in homes~ from draperies and furniture to pillows and more. It can be seen in many styles~ with names like Jacobean embroidery Bayeux Tapestry, Quaker tapestry along with many other period embroidery style names. Embroidery pieces & techniques were thought to have been  brought with the colonists & Americans have placed their own special stamp of this beautiful embroidery technique over the centuries.


Very few needle artists have placed a stamp on the last century’s craft industry the way that Elsa Williams did. World renown for her reproductions of period pieces, and for bringing the stitchers of today useable, workable pieces of art. Her crewel embroidery designs remain timeless and relevant and will stay that way for many more generations to come.


In addition to the crewel cushions, pictures, bell pulls and stockings that we offer our vintage rare stitchery collectors, we are pleased and proud to present this almost impossible to find bedroom headboard piece. Designed and manufactured Long before the JCA buyout, this is from her original Needlecraft Creations line.


Designed for a full sized bed, this 22" x 36" design is printed on 35"  x 52" linen. Elsa was fascinated by a centuries old tile design she saw on a trip to Italy, and designed "Florence" from sketches she made of the tile.


Often requested, and rarely found, this  is FABULOUS! Don’t have a full sized bed? Get creative and feature it as the central vignette on a custom panel you make for your own bed! Want to frame it and feature this once in a lifetime crewel find somewhere special? No Problem!


Size: 22" x 36" on 35" x 52" pure linen, Crewel embroidery yarn, Easy to follow diagrams and directions. Proudly made in the USA


Artist: Elsa Williams

Manufacturer: Elsa Williams’ Needlecraft Creations

Year/Condition: 1977/ Vintage New