Rare Williams Silk Metal Embroidery Kit NancyKing Fans of Orient

Rare Williams Silk Metal Embroidery Kit NancyKing Fans of Orient


Manufacturer :  Elsa Williams

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For centuries, everything from formal church vestments to the regal trappings of ancient kings' cavalries have been adorned in silk and metal threads. As a stitcher you can experience this special technique with some of Elsa William's unique compositions. Each design is worked in single strands of 7-ply silk floss on shimmering embroidery satin. The Williams silk floss and metal threads are of the highest quality to insure the permanence that your needle art work deserves. These diminutive designs are worthy of display on their own; or in a group to create a truly special ambiance for your home.  by Nancy L King continues with her Oriental Motif for the 3rd piece in the series, simply entitled Oriental Fans.  The fans use silk floss for its lovely colors and metal threads for accents to achieve its finished effect.
Be sure to look for all designs in this hard to find series!
Size: 8" x 10" design printed on 13.5" x 15"  embroidery satin
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Kit contains: design printed on champagne colored embroidery satin. Pure 7 ply silk floss, gold metal thread, needle, complete directions and stitch instructions. Proudly made in the USA
Artist: Nancy L King
Manufacturer: Elsa Williams NeedleArt Collection
Year/Condition: 1981/ Vintage New