Rare Williamsburg Repro Maidens Prayer Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Rare Williamsburg Repro Maidens Prayer Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

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Manufacturer :  Elsa Williams

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"When in the night I sleepless lie, my soul with heavenly thoughts supply, let not ill dreams disturb my rest, nor powers of darkness me molest. O may I always ready stand, with my lamp burning in my hand. May I in sight of heaven rejoice wheneer I hear the bridegrooms voice. Done By... the bottom line reads the seed of eve shall bruise the head of the serpent. " The Maiden’s Prayer Sampler.
This is the Elsa Williams licensed reproduction of The Maiden’s Prayer Sampler. Adamped from an antique English sampler, was originally worked in silk and wool on a white worsted wool ground. The antique, which dates from about 1790-1820, is now part of the textile collection at colonial Williamsburg. 

Size: 14"x 22" design on pure linen, size 20"x 26, cotton floss, needle, chart, Instruction sheet and stitch chart. Proudly made in the USA
Artist: English Maiden, Reproduced & licensed by Elsa Williams
Manufacturer: Williamsburg by Elsa Williams, Exclusive Manufacturer of Williamsburg Needlework
Condition: Vintage New