WhiteStarLine Remember RMS Titanic CrossStitch Kit Iceberg Ahead

WhiteStarLine Remember RMS Titanic CrossStitch Kit Iceberg Ahead


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"Iceberg ahead!: But tragically, it was too late. The Royal Mail Steamer Titanic has been the subject of countless paintings, books, movies, and tales of conduct which has become legend. All but 710 souls died when the maiden voyage of the pride of the White Star Line's final destination became a deep-sea grave
rather than the intended Port of New York, in the early hours of April 15, 1912. This exquisite rendering of the RMC Titanic for Dimensions' 1998 catalog evokes an avalanche of feelings and thoughts about the passengers on that beautifully appointed ship. Some of the world's high-ranking officials, wealthy industrialists, dignitaries and celebrities of the time were passengers on the ship that has become a cautionary tale. Survivors such as Molly Brown became more infamous after their encounter with the steamer. Worked on 18 count Aida with cotton flosses,your finished work will be one you'll be proud to display for a lifetime.
Size: 16" x 12" ( 41 x 30 cm)
Kit contains: Cotton embroidery thread, 18 count navy Aida, thread palette, needle, and easy instructions including a color accented chart. Proudly made in the USA
Artist: Taken from Authentic Rendering of RMS Titanic
Manufacturer: Dimensions Inc
Year/Condition: 1998/ Vintage New