Rare Wentzler WoodlandSanta DraftHorse Christmas CrossStitch Kit

Rare Wentzler WoodlandSanta DraftHorse Christmas CrossStitch Kit


Manufacturer :  Janlynn

Availability : In-Stock


Are you a Santa Collector looking for an altogether different and beautiful addition to your collection? Prefer elegance over hype and muted shades over bright? This extraordinary offering is for you! Father Christmas in his woodland royal garbs of blues, purples and teals, feeds an apple to his absolutely spectacular equine friend. Perhaps a Clydesdale, most definitely a draft horse, this exquisite animal carries on his royally robed back santa’s saddle bags of goodies. This rare treasure by Teresa Wentzler entitled Companions is certainly going to be a treasured holiday addition~ and is beautiful enough to keep up all year round! This treasure arrived in overly shopworn  packaging which has been replaced to keep piece clean and ready to work.

 Size: 16" x12" (40.6x30.5 cm) 

Kit contains: 27 count evenweave fabric, cotton floss, needle, graph, instructions. Proudly made in the USA

Artist: Teresa Wentzler

Manufacturer: Janlynn (Just Cross Stitch)

Condition: Vintage New in replaced packaging

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